Sunday, May 31, 2015

III% er needs help bad!

This is a copy of a post from my facebook page from the radio station where I DJ in the mornings. The victim is my son. Please help me get the word out so we can catch the sorry son of a bitch that did this. Please get word out to Angel and cmblake for sure. I am their neighbor so the perpetrator may be hiding in their area.

Quick update on the hit and run early Saturday morning, with a little more detail for people that are sharing this outside the immediate area.  The incident occurred on West Avenue in Clayton, New Mexico.  The person(s) responsible accelerated to a fairly high rate of speed before leaving the road purposefully to strike a person on foot. The vehicle was pursued east to Texline Texas before getting away.  It is believed they may be hiding somewhere near Amarillo, Dumas, or Dalhart, Texas. The vehicle is definitely a Chevrolet pickup. There is a good chance of fairly significant damage to the front end. A lot of the grill was broken off and left at the scene. The truck is white or light colored, believed to be anywhere from late 90s model to mid 2000s. It is likely that the driver has ties to the Clayton area. Anyone with information is being asked to please contact the Clayton, NM police department.  Again, this was a purposeful, extremely violent act and the perpetrator needs to be held accountable.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Odd Sight in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico

I haven't been around much lately. Life has a way of keeping one spinning in circles. Had a little time off this weekend finally and just went for a drive. Ran across this interesting sight in the far northeast corner of the state.