Thursday, June 9, 2016

Blow it out your ass...

                                                  9th Circus Court of Appeals

PS.  Fuck you, Barry

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ever Wonder What an Oozing Douchebag Looks Like?


This is Paul Cicala , sportscaster at KVOA TV in Tucson.  You can find his facebook here:, but his twitter has already been deleted.

Why? You ask,...well, seems Ol' Paulie boy thinks its fine and dandy that a woman was assaulted at the Trump rally in San Jose yesterday.  You see, the dumb woman was wearing the wrong damn shirt and she brought it on herself.


Feel free to let him know what you think on his FB page, and by all means, his bosses ought to know too, dontcha think?

One last thing, before I sign off...

Fuck you Paul.  You are a bitch!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bryan Pleads the Fifth While Hillary Drinks One

Image result for bryan pagliano

Former Clinton IT guru Bryan Pagliano has made it clear he plans on pleading the Fifth when called to testify in the civil suit filed against her royal high-ass, Hillary.  This is from the same guy that has already been given immunity by the FBI in the criminal investigation.  If this guy has that much to hide, we need to set up a pool on how long the assassin squad of Team Clinton will be held in check

Image result for bryan pagliano

Image result for bryan pagliano

Just by looking at him, I'd say he's kinda a creampuff.  Definitely no match for the Wicked Witch of Vodka on the Rocks.

Image result for Hillary Clinton pissed off

Image result for Hillary Clinton pissed off

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cut It Out You Fuckin Crackers

White, uneducated Americans?

In the infamous words of "W", 

I believe you have misunderestimated the other side, Bubba Jeff.