Monday, February 29, 2016

Chuck Shumer: Champion of Big Butts Everywhere

Countless wars and skirmishes across the globe.

A refugee crisis threatening countries around the world.

Economies of countless nations on the verge of collapse.

Race wars, class wars, societal meltdown.

Have no fear, useful idiots everywhere...Chuck Shumer is on your side as he declares war on the airlines for their seats being to small.

Keep your eye on the ball, Chuckie Boy.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Following is a true story...

Once there were three little black girls on a bus in Albany, New York.

They got in a fight.

They told their friends they got jumped by a bunch of honkies.

I just got jumped on a bus while people hit us and called us the "n" word and NO ONE helped us.

Their friends thought this was not cool, and they protested.

The queen of the flies jumped in with her usual, baseless bullshit

There's no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus.  -H

Turns out, it was just another #Blackliesmatter

According to their attorney, they just "embellished" their experience. How, exactly, will their "embellishment" skills help them pay the civil damages that one can only hope will be quite painful.

And, when shall we expect a retraction from the queen of the Flies?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

For Pete's sake, stop with all the crying

Earlier I posted the video of the little bernieflake in full meltdown because the world alapped her in her stupid fucking face. Now, I see this on Glenn Beck's Facebook page. I used to like him some, but he's gotten excessively whiny lately. I can't believe this fuck has the audacity to claim Trump has done more to divide the country in a couple of months than Jugears McClown has done in seven years. Sorry Glenn, but I gotta call bullshit on your bullshit.

I know, I know....but damn this is funny!

I'm crying too, but it's because I can't quit laughing at how far out of touch with reality these Berniebots have become.

The world is a harsh place, sister.  You better toughen up a bit before venturing out of your "safe place".

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No Special Snowflakes Here

71 years ago, 5 U.S. Marines and a Navy Hospital Corpsman raised the flag of the United States on top of Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in WWII.

One can only imagine the completely different outcome if the Greatest Generation were to be replaced with today's generation of My Little Ponies and Special Snowflakes.

Someday, we will find out.

"Then Ira started drinkin' hard
Jail was often his home
They'd let him raise the flag and lower it
Like you'd throw a dog a bone!
He died drunk early one mornin'
Alone in the land he fought to save
Two inches of water in a lonely ditch
Was a grave for Ira Hayes."

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WWII medals I found

I was cleaning out my storage building last weekend, and ran across a box of stuff my great grandmother had collected during WWII. Mostly it was newspaper clippings, but she also had the entire service book for Haskell County, Texas, which is very cool. I think every male old enough to fight was in it. I also found medals from one of my great uncle. My great grandma had two sons go off to war. One made it back, and died shortly afterwards when his tractor caught on fire with him too. Anyhow, I thought I'd post some of the stuff I found. If anyone knows what the medals are, let me know.

Yup, this pretty much sums up my opinion of both fucking parties

Pissed off and mad about it.  They can all kiss my ass.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our elected (R)s better drop their nuts now

Man, I wasn't expecting Antonin Scalia to drop before Ginsberg. She definitely has some sort of pact with Satan.  You just know Barry has gotta be jizzin his jimmies right now thinking he's got a shot to absolutely fuck the balance of SCOTUS for a looooong fucking time.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm a Terrorist? Who'da thunk it

The Department of Homeland Horseshit released an unclassified document SITREP regarding the funeral of LaVoy Finicum, warning all officers in the affected area(s) to be sooper hyper vigilant because the funeral was sure to draw parades of armed domestic terrorists and violent extremists through their neighborhoods.  The beautiful thing is that they even supplied Officer Fife and his minions colored pictures of logos to be on the lookout for, you know, because extreme violent domestic terroristical terrorists always advertise before they come to your town to rape your wimmins and pillage your slurpee machines.  Funny thing is, every fucking logo they list is very much attached to patriot groups, military, and even LEO's.  Take a look at this partial list of "Violent Extremist" related signs:

Now, here's a little sumthin sumthin I airbrushed on the side of my ginormous carbon footprint:

Guess I may want to avoid driving through Yootaw for a while.

PS...Fuck you, Barry

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Of Crayons, Big Chief Tablets and Budgets

The Republicans have decided to not even take a gander at pResident Barry's "budget" proposal.

The bedwetters at MSNBC are all tizzied up, and leading DemocRATS are pissed over the "lack of decorum"

Um, scuse me uber rich fucking morons, but worrying about "decorum" is one of the things that got us into this shithole to begin with.  Perhaps you should tell dEar leader that he might get a better response if he quit submitting "budgets" that were done with a fucking crayon on a Big Chief Tablet.

I would think that after all of the previous comedy filled "budget" proposals submitted by Teh Smartest Man on the Planet, even the (D)umbasses would be thankful they dont have to waste their time on his shit.

PS...Fuck you Barry

Monday, February 8, 2016

When the Good Guys Fuck Back

  I found this article after following a link from USA Today.  Yeah, its 6 years old now, but seems a bit truer ever day.  It is about the coming middle class anarchy, or basically about when the people that always follow all the rules decide not to follow the rules anymore.

When the salt of the earth says "fuckit".


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Oh Damn, this turned out nice!

Sorry, I don't have much to talk about that doesn't piss me off any more, so I'm just gonna post this today and hope that Hillary gets arrested and Barry gets impeached tomorrow.

By the way, this is a new custom metal art piece from Magic N Metal.  That's my oldest boy's business.