Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'll take my kool-aid with a splash of Cuervo, please.

     So, I was just reading the expose on NBC Investigates about how Barry Jugears already knew millions of us poor fuckers were going to lose our insurance even before he uttered that now famous pinnochio bullshit line about how we could keep our insurance if we liked it.  Of course, those of us that regularly read are not surprised that Barackky O'Dumbass lied.  What gets me is the first comment I ran across at the bottom was some stupid fucking free cell phone grabber claiming that the ACA was some watered down shit that was passed to appease the GOP.

I guess the point of this rant is; Exactly how much kool aid do you have to drink, and what in the fuck is it spiked with in order for you to say something so completely assinine?  I keep trying to count all the R's that voted for that piece of shit "law", and I keep coming up with ZERO.  Liberal scumsucking fucktards...you own this shit top to bottom.  I can only pray that it bites every single one of you in the ass moreso than the people that tried to educate your dumb asses about it beforehand.

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