Thursday, June 4, 2015

Update on my boy

After I put up the last post, local police issued an arrest warrant for a guy that is from our town.  He faces charges of Attempted Murder, Fleeing the scene, and reckless driving.  We have had local news stations pick up the story and run with it, and as of this morning, the suspect turned himself in to the sheriff's office.  I have no words to describe the emotions we are going through as a family.  I am mad.  I am scared.  I am relieved. I have experienced probably every human emotion there is within the last few days.  Mostly though, I am happy.  I am happy beyond belief that my boy is not only alive, but will most likely only have a few scars to remind him of the time somebody tried to 86 him from planet earth.

I cannot express to you guys how much your support has meant to us, and will continue to mean as we wind our way through the judicial system, searching for justice.  We have a long road ahead, but without every one of you that has reached out to us in some way, that road would still be at the very beginning.

Thank you, from the bottom of my blackened little heart.