Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How do you hide tens of thousands of emails?

I know you guys keep up with all the "phony" scandals the liberal elitist nad gurglers try to sweep under the rug almost daily.  That is getting to be one big fucking rug, I tell ya.  So I am sure everyone is now up to date on the almost 40k emails of Baroness Lerner the Fifth being remarkably "found" after all the experts swore to all the old Gods and the New (GoT reference) that they were beyond retrieval.  So, that leads me in the direction of the question in the title here, and the answer is really quite obvious.  Lois Lerner was a rank fucking amateur.  If you want to hide emails, go pro all the way and just create your own web domain, complete with email address, and don't utilize the gubburmint system AT ALL.  That, boys and girls, is what a real expert lying, deceitful shitbag would do,  Right Hil?

I just finished watching Bibi's speech live.  I was impressed.  I was really kinda hoping he'd lay out some proof on the shit Barry's been pulling to get the Eye-yuh-toe-las to eat ice cream with him, but he didn't so much that I noticed.  I will say this, and I really don't care much who cries about it...

Any one of our leaders that skipped out on this speech because of their partisan panties being in a noose around the jewels is an absolute fucking disgrace to this country.  Israel is perhaps our greatest ally, and is definitely our greatest ally in that particular part of this giant rock we call home.  He is trying with all his might to protect his people, his home, his country.  Would that we had a leader with the same resolve.

Keep your eye on him, Bibi.  He's a sneaky fucker.

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