Sunday, March 1, 2015

How many seeds were planted?

Its hard to believe its been three years since Andrew Breitbart died.  Three years ago, my eyes were opening, and I was searching the webs for blogs and articles that weren't written by mainstream ball ticklers. I've always been conservative, but had no idea how far gone our country really was. I still believed that problems could be voted out of office. I still believed in the country I'd been taught to love oh so many years ago in Boy Scouts.

I think I had just found the Breitbart site about two or three weeks before he died. I was a bit taken back at first, but came back again and again to read and learn. Then it happened...right after he said he was about to lay one out on old Barry. It was odd enough, but when the coroner died right away too, it was just too much.  I will always believe he was murdered for his convictions...for his actions.

It took a while before I actually started my own blog. I started out arguing here and there with liberal idiots ( sorry for being redundant ), wherever they were to be found. I eventually got to where I spent all of my time reading sites like weaselzippers, wirecutter, kerodin, Irish, and anti-idiotarian Rottweiler. I always felt like I had something to contribute, but damn some of you fuckers are smart, and make a hell of a lot more sense than me.

I know I don't follow the blogging rules. I don't post every day, and my format ain't the prettiest.  I say what I got to say, when I got it to say.  My language is sometimes a bit colorful. My sense of humor comes from twenty years in a career of seeing the worst humanity has to offer on a daily basis.  What I'm saying is, it ain't perfect, but its mine, and I wouldn't be doing it at all if it hadn't been for Andrew Breitbart.  He envisioned the end of the importance of the MSM, and that it would come as a result of small, independent writers and investigators willing to stand up and call BS on the BS.

So, it just caused me to wonder...after he left, just how many seeds did he plant in the process?

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  1. Hi BB. Many seeds I think. I have been meaning to come back here to respond but life has been hectic at work. You know, self employment, taxes, bills etc.

    Stay safe