Thursday, March 31, 2016

God Bless My Amigos Y Amigas

So, apparently "Cultural Appropriation" is now some kinda thing.  In the video below, which I'm sure most of you have seen by now, one Ms. Bonita Tindle assaults some random Scooby Doo looking white boy because he's sportin' some dreds.

I had no idea that cultures were not allowed to share aspects with other cultures, you know, in the sake of people getting their shit together or advancing science or humanity or whatever.  Bonita wants to slap a mother fucker for stealing her hair style, or at least that was the handiest excuse she had for physically exhibiting her hatred for whitey.  Fuckin Crackers ought to know better I suppose.

Anyhow, it occurred to me what a shitty world I would live in if my New Mexican Amigos and Amigas displayed the same blatantly racist, horseshit attitude that Bonita did.  Mother fuckers take away my green chile, enchiladas, and tacos, and I'm taking a razor blade to my wrists.  So, mi Amigos....muchas gracias, and thanks for not being puro puto like Bonita here.


  1. Well no worries then. Perhaps she should eschew the trappings of civilized life brought to her via the White Community...Bye bye AC, electricity, cell phones, cars etc etc etc...

  2. I have to say too, that whoever created black licorice can keep that shit. I like red twizzlers though. Is that racist?