Friday, April 1, 2016

"A Fresh New Face"....

Just got done checking out a story on Zip about Porky Fucking Pig (Karl Rove, in case you missed it), saying what the Republican Party needs at this point is a "fresh new face" at the convention. somebody other than Cruz, Trump or the Postman's son to carry the torch, so to speak, into the general election.

I have to admit, I am a bit confused.  I am wondering if this "fresh new face" will be El Jebador, Mittens, or perhaps a "fresher, newer face" like, say Paul Ryan.

Honestly, Sir Porksalot, is there any such thing as a "fresh new face" in the establishment brothel of bought and paid for fucking whores?  Where, pray tell, will you find this shining paragon of conservatism that we, the unwashed masses have not already rejected into your trash heap of exposed snake oil salespersons?

I have a newsflash for ya.  We the people are getting down right by God serious, and you need to clean the wax out of your listening orifices, before you get your best-laid-plans shoved smooth up in another one of your orifices.

I was initially pretty dead set on voting for Cruz, and I am still convinced he's the better man for the job.  However, watching you establishment pukes stumble all over yourselves, pissing in your $75 a pair tighty whiteys over an overgrown oompah loompah with a bad comb over has been quite entertaining.  It does lead one to wonder why.  What are you really afraid of?  When the lights come on, and you stand laid bare before the creator, will your skeletons and demons really be so ferocious?  Would your fellow citizens commit unspeakable acts against you if they knew how deeply you had truly betrayed them?

When the general elections roll around, I will happily cast my vote for Cruz...or Trump, whichever one is left standing after this freakshow is done.  Do not make the mistake of trying to pawn off a "fresh new face" on me though.  I will have none of it.  Not happenin'.

Test this theory, fuckers, and you will find out how serious we really are.  The e-Publican establishment will burn down to ashes, and unlike the Phoenix, you sunsabitches will not come back.

Welcome to the Oval Office, Madame President.  Don't steal anything this time.

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