Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Man I gott get one of these

The Town of Deer Trail, Colorado is considering selling "Drone Hunting Licenses", and even offering a reward to the sportsman(woman) lucky enough to bag one.

"The Town of Deer Trail shall issue a reward of $100 to any shooter who presents a valid hunting license and the following identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government."

Licenses are expected to sell like hotcakes.  I know I want one.


  1. Welcome to the nuthouse.No pun just my standard greeting to all the fngs.Enjoy your stay.

  2. Welcome to the hyperverse, Bean Burner. Angel sent me. I look forward to much insight and insanity. Looking at your blog list, that shouldn't be an issue.
    As to that Drone Hunter license, from what I read over at Sondrak's this a.m., there's too many restrictions--can't shoot anything above 1,000 feet? WTF? It'd still be cool to have one.
    Anyway, welcome.

    1. Hey Soylent, thanks. I dropped a couple of comments on your old site way back under the screen name Cactus Jack. I got oldtimers and forgot the password to that name so it bit the dust.