Friday, November 15, 2013

Just to be perfectly clear...

     So, Emporer Barry faced the world yesterday and admitted that the gubburmint had "fumbled" the health care roll out.   I'm just an ordinary guy, but I think I know a fumble when I see one, and this aint it.  As a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I can tell you that a "fumble" looks something like this...

Nosir, the fucktastic fiasco known as Obamacare is not a fumble.  The warnings went far beyond simple signs.  There were flat out discussions and proof given to the naked emporer that the clothes he was wearing were more than just a little sheer.  He knew that he was lying.  He knew that people would lose their plans.  He knew that people would lose their doctors.  He knew that the cost of existing plans would skyrocket.  He knew that the website wasn't ready.  He knew all of these things well in advance, and proceeded anyway.  Barry didn't "fumble".

Barry threw the game on purpose.


  1. Actually he didn't 'throw' the game - on purpose or otherwise. He had it rigged to fail from the outset. It was never about leveling the playing field or any of the other metaphors the left likes to use, it was fully intended to both fail and give the gummint one more excuse to insert itself into aspects of everyday life that is none of their business. Period.

    OBTW, having been born in Big D 9bc (before cowboys) I share your angst about what was once a class football organization...........

    1. Yeah, I meant he threw it like the Blacksox threw the World Series