Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Like a Snowball Headed for Hell

     So apparently dEar leader, His Royal Highness and Supreme Chancellor of all things false and scandalous, Emporer Barry, somehow managed to recite the Gettysburg address (with an assist from the Royal Teleprompter, of course), omitting a slightly vital piece from one line.  That would be a mention of "God".  This, my friends, is EXACTLY where this once great nation went wrong.  Taking God out of the United States is like trying to bake a cake without eggs, milk, water, flour, cake mix, a heat source, and oxygen.  There is only one reason to remove God from this nation, and that is to appease the desire to have no responsibility to anyone other than self.  If there is no higher authority, no reward other than what is attained on planet earth, there is no reason to refrain from gratifying each and every desire that comes into the brain.  Here, we have yet one more example in an ever growing list to show where our pResident is making sure to do his part to exterminate and eliminate the very foundation of The United States of America.

     With each and every step that we take to remove God from our country, the speed at which we are heading toward the demise we dread is increased.  It is, exactly as Merle Hagard said...Rolling downhill like a snowball headed for Hell.

     Knowing that this post will firmly entrench me as a treasonous terror suspect in the minds of my NSA stalker and his/her superiors, all the way up to and including the big eared shitpile in charge, I'll be the first to admit...it took a lot to open my eyes too. 

     One more thing.  Because God's forgiveness is free and his grace is abundant, I gotta get this off my chest...



  1. That'll be two Hail Mary's and one Our Father.
    Now move over so I can sit next to ya.
    Mine's gonna take a little longer.

    1. I try really hard to not be like that (too much), but I pray every day for the blinders to be taken off and the POS fraud be exposed to everyone for the naked emporer he is.